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Chewing gum is common in our society today. There are many different kinds of chewing gum that have a wide variety of flavors. However, some types of gum can negatively impact your oral health. Gum with high volumes of sugar will promote cavities and affect your oral health. However, there are sugar-free gum options you can choose from that can help you fight cavities.

Any type of gum will encourage your saliva to produce. However, if the gum is sugarless, the lack of sugar will not encourage cavities; the saliva from the gum will help wash away any sugar particles or bacteria that can cause plaque buildup. Even though chewing sugarless gum will not be a proper replacement for brushing your teeth, the gum will help prevent cavities throughout your day.

If you wonder about the effects chewing gum can have on your teeth or what kind of gum to purchase, ask your dentist. With so many different kinds of gum to choose from, it’s easy to get confused. Your dentist can talk to you about the options that can further prevent cavities. Call us today and schedule your next dental appointment so you can have a beautiful cavity-free smile.