Unfortunately, there are several instances in which it is necessary to pull or extract a tooth. If needed, Dr. Vela and Dr. Ng will perform tooth extraction in Corpus Christi, Texas. If your mouth is crowded, tooth extraction may be necessary to prepare the mouth for orthodontic treatment. Extraction will free up room for your teeth to move and straighten. A crowded mouth can also cause teeth to become impacted, or trapped, between the jawbone and the gums. This can cause infection or damage to the surrounding teeth. To avoid this, our dentists may recommend tooth extraction. If a tooth has decay that is too extensive to be treated by root canal therapy, our dentists may pull the tooth to prevent the spread of infection. When a patient has a compromised immune system, our dentists may pull a tooth if it even has the risk of infection. If gingivitis, a disease that attacks the gums and bones that support your teeth, causes one or more teeth to become loose, our dentists may pull them.

After extraction, our dentists will send you home to recover for a few days. Relax for at least 24 hours and limit your activity for a few days. Bite on gauze for a few hours to control bleeding and use an ice pack to reduce swelling. Follow any other instructions from our dentists to make your recovery as comfortable as possible.

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